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A Selection of Conferences, Seminars and Workshops I have attended:

July 2019:

Fear Free Certified® professional training

April 2017:

Paws and Cues Dog Training with Suzanne Clothier

August 2016:

The Pet Professional Guild 2016 Pet Care Summit

June 2016:

Negative Punishment, Negative Reinforcement and the Human Hierarchy with Jean Donaldson

May 2016:

Expanding Your Force Free Dog Training Toolkit Part 1 with Chirag Patel

April 2016:

Training Recall Course with Donna Hill

December 2013:

Understanding Fear-Based Behaviors in Dogs & Best Training Practices with Debbie Jacobs

November 2012:

From Problem Dogs to High Performance Dogs: How Operant Technology can take your Training to the Next Level with Bob Bailey and Sophia Yin

October 2012:

The Canine Emotional Detox—The Missing Link. Stress Relief for the Troubled Modern Dog with Diane Garrod

Drive, Enthusiam, Brakes and Steering: Keeping Dogs in the Think and Learn Zone with Suzanne Clothier

July 2012:

Dogs: Origin, History and Behavioral Biology with Dr. Ray Coppinger

Fear in Dogs: Understanding and Helping with Trish King

May 2012:

Click to Calm: Healing the Aggressive Dog with Emma Parsons

March 2012:

Prey Drive: What does that Really Mean? with Ken McCort

Karen Pryor's Clicker Expo

Seminars Attended:

The Foundation Station, given by Cecile Koste

You’re in Great Shape with Kathy Sdao, MA, CAAB

What a Cue can do—Developing Cueing Skills, taught by Kathy Sdao, MA, CAAB

Aggression Treatment and Context, given by Ken Ramirez

Smart Reinforcement, presented by Ken Ramirez

Hold it, Get it, Bring it, Give it!: The Multi-Purpose Clicked Retrieve with Michele Pouliot

Training with Play, presented by Kay Laurence

July 2010:

Dog-Dog Group Dynamics: Healthy Interaction vs. Aggression in Dog Parks by Sue Sternberg

October 2009:

Symposium on Fear and Anxiety Behaviors, presented by Mary Lee Nitschke, PhD, CPDT-KA, CAAB

A talk on Anxiety and Fear: Physiology and Behavior, given by Emily Levine, DAVCB, DVM, MRCVS

A Video Ethogram of Fear and Anxiety - Lecture by Sue Sternberg

What's that I fear? Identifying Triggers and Resolving the Problem, taught by Kathy Sdao, MA, CAAB

Working with Fearful Dogs in Private Lessons and Group Classes, given by Nicole Wilde, CPDT-KA

Fear and Loathing & Separation Fun, presented by Ian Dunbar, PhD, MRCVS, CPDT-KA

September 2008:

An intensive 4-day workshop for professional dog walking certification at Dogtec's Dog Walking Academy

Behavioral Wellness for Dogs and Cats, taught by Suzanne Hetts, PhD & Daniel Estep, PhD

March 2008:

Body Talk: Observing and Understanding Dog Body Language and The Top 5 Mistakes Positive Reinforcement Trainers Make with Pat Miller

May 2007:

Aggression: Recognition & Management with Brenda Aloff

February 2007:

The Language of Dogs: Understanding Canine Body Language and Other Communication Signals
with Sarah Kalnajs

April 2006:

Canine Development: Puppy Training Gone Wrong / Modifying Adolescent Behavior with Pia Silvani

March 2006:

The Really Reliable Recall with Leslie Nelson

February 2006:

Active Adolescents: Resolving Teenage Challenges with Ian Dunbar, PhD

April 2005:

Rowdy Dogs - A People Understanding Pets Course

October 2003:

A two day seminar -- Dog Play, Social Behavior, Biting and Fighting; Development, Prevention and Interpretation with Ian Dunbar, PhD