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"I met Deborah many years ago when she was just beginning her dog walking business. She was introduced to me by a dog trainer from SF Doggy Day Care who thought Deborah would be a good person to walk my dogs during the day when I was working. When I came to Douglass Park with my dogs I hung out with Deborah to get to know her and of course to check out how she handled her pack. She was and still is incredible with the animals, firm and loving and attentive. Best of all she NEVER takes her eyes off her charges;even when she is talking to me, she is making eye contact with her dogs. If you want your dogs to be safe and loved and on good behavior for their walks and play time, trust Deborah. She's great! Oh and did I mention her reasonable prices? "

-- Lynne Maltz

"There is no one that we trust more with Faith than Deborah. She is most loving and caring about our little girl. Anyone needing a walker/sitter would find a great gem in Deborah!"

-- Joseph Swimmer

"I had the luxury of working from home for a year, and was able to observe all of the dog walkers at the park every day. When it came time for me to go back to work in an office, I had no hesitation to choose Deborah with Dog Tales. She is kind to all of her dogs, but at the same time in total control. They listen and LOVE her! She is affectionate to all her charges, as if they were her own. Now that I work from home again, I still use Dog Tales... for day walking as well as boarding when I'm out of town. My dog is SO excited whenever Deborah picks her up, and I never worry when Sadie is under her watch. I have recommend Deborah and her entire crew without hesitation to my dog and cat owning friends!"

-- Steffanie

"Deborah and Crystal have been watching my cats Misha and Tasha for three years, and in addition to being professional and attentive and downright super NICE, I know how great they are because when I come home, my cats are mellow, happy and it's like I never left. It gives me great peace of mind, and I couldn't recommend them more highly."

-- Kimberly

"This is one professional loving, operation. I was immediately put at ease with Deborah’s thorough list of questions about my cat. And her wonderful notes were there to let me know what had happened during her visits while I was gone. I would definitely hire her again, and have referred her to friends. I trust her completely."

-- Miriam

"Crystal is a natural with animals, and my cat loves her (trust me, he’s picky!). I know that she takes excellent care of him while I am gone because he’s so happy and relaxed when I get back. Having her watch Minkit and my home takes the worry out of traveling. She’s one of the best!"

-- Miriam

"We noticed positive changes in Doodle almost immediately after he started going out with Dog Tales play groups. Deborah was great about giving us feedback, how he was getting along with the other dogs, any time there were any issues she was great about informing us and working with us to resolve them. I wouldn't trust Doodle with just anyone, but Deborah and her staff have earned our trust in them 10 times over. Doodle is thrilled to see them when ever they come by to pick him up, suddenly I don't feel guilty about leaving him home while I go to work every day."

-- Bill Tompkins

"The first time Crystal from Dog tales house/pet sat for us, we found that even our shyest cat Penelope really responded to her. Not only did she allow Crystal to see her, but pet her too? Absolutely unheard of, we were very impressed. Penelope gives Crystal two paws up, as does Doodle, our standard Poodle, who goes absolutely nuts whenever he sees her! To say she was great with our pets would be an understatement. Needless to say we have been very happy with Crystal and everyone at Dogtales."

-- Bill Tompkins

"I moved out of San Francisco over two and a half years ago and I still can’t find someone as good as Deborah Deegan to take care of my dog! She not only walked her when I was at work and stayed with her when I was out of town, but she offered advice on training, behavior and health problems. Deborah was always describing courses she was taking and areas she was studying to become better and more skilled at what she does. I admire the thought she puts into her work. If you are lucky enough to find her, you and your pets will be in very good hands indeed!"

-- Sloan Johnson

"Finding a dog walker for the first time was extremely daunting but we struck gold. Deborah is extremely reliable, trustworthy and friendly. Rosy (our dog) definately considers her part of her "inner pack" and waits impatiently for her arrival each day. Rosy's excitment at seeing Deborah is testomony to Deborah's dedication to the well being and happiness of the dogs in her care and the fun they have at the park! We couldn't recommend Deborah more highly and worth every penny!"

-- Charlotte, Mike and Rosy Ero

"Deborah is my favorite human. Even more than my moms because I know that every time I see Deborah, I am going to have a GREAT time! My moms sometimes go out and make me stay home, but Deborah ALWAYS takes me to the park and plays with me. My moms know I love Deborah because whenever I see her, I practically jump into her arms and try and lick her to death. I'm not always that nice to my moms."

-- Joey Pickles

"As a mother of a rather rambunctious lab, who craves attention and the need to expel energy frequently, Deborah quickly became way more than just Bella's afternoon play companion. She is a significant care giver to Bella, from providing training and behavioral advice, hosing down a muddy lab almost daily during the rainy season, lending a compassionate ear during times when Bella was hospitalized to helping in a pinch when work required me to travel. Deborah is someone I trust completely with my dog. She understands and respects that Bella means the world to me. Deborah has a genuine love for animals. I know this not only from my experience working with her, but also from Bella's response anytime I'm at home and Deborah comes to the door. Bella immediately grabs one of her stuffed animals as a gift for Deborah and runs around in circles unable to contain her excitement."

-- Courtnay Sotelo